ASMOZ is a non-profit organization, born in 2002, being our main activity to give and develop online courses with highly recognized professionals. our training offer is focused on cultural, social and educational areas, covering the needs of both the business world, public administration and citizenship itself. Knowledge makes us free and better. We are convinced.

To design, manage and develop quality training projects aimed at professionals in the fields of culture, business and education. For this, we use new technologies and methodologies. Our educational model is based on collaborative work. Thus, we launched a series of courses and projects together with different universities and public and private institutions. We work with high level teachers and professionals.

MAITE ALONSO (Donostia,1981) Curator and manager of cinematographic projects. In 2018 he co-founded Zine-Lab, a laboratory for creation/production/experimentation and independent film projection, self-managed by artists and filmmakers from the Basque Country. Member of AZPI Kultur Elkartea, a cohabitation aimed at both the production and dissemination of contemporary artistic practices. Creator and coordinator of aVer Zinema, a platform for watching and making cinema/audiovisual of the Basque Country. Currently, with the support of the Provincial Council of Guipúzcoa, she coordinates the Curatorship and Mediation Programme Hospitality Suite, inspired by educational theories and collective pedagogical models and based on participatory research activities and practices.